Wearing an FB International costume has never been so easy and fast: distances are not a problem for us.

Below you'll find pictures of our dance dresses, shirts and trousers for men, children's dresses, practice wear, accessories and shoes for dance sport, and you can choose your favorite!

You can choose among sponsor dresses, worn once or twice by our world-renowned testimonials, or second hand dresses guaranteed by our brand, in excellent condition at a very affordable price. There are also pictures of dresses already sold (indicated with SOLD OUT) from which you can take inspiration if you decide to make a new dress.

Pictures of the new collection are visible only to VIP customers. We apologize for not making them visible to everyone, but too often unfair competitors copy our creations.
The VIP customer can also benefit from the advice of the designer and receive an original drawing, studied on his physique, suitable for his dancing style and the proportions of the couple.

If you are not yet a VIP customerclick here and fill in the form, if you already have the password, click on the Login button.

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