Wearing a FB International costume has never been so easy and fast: distances are not a problem for us. In the sections below, you can see the pictures of the sponsored or used, available DANCE DRESSES and MEN SHIRTS and choose your favourite one!
Some of the following costumes have been worn by our famous TESTIMONIALS.
You will also find the sections dedicated to accessories, dance shoes and specific products for dancing.
If you want to see more models, you can discover our EXCLUSIVE NEW COLLECTION, which is visible only in the VIP AREA (on top right): ask us how to enter.
If you are a Vip Customer, you will also be able to get the sketch of an exclusive and tailor made dress, designed to enhance your body and interpret your dance style. Among the pictures below, you will also find the pictures of the costumes already sold (indicated as SOLD OUT), that you can use to take inspiration for your new one.