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Welcome to the dance world!
How many fears and embarrassment at the beginning.. Anyway, don't worry.. you have to think only about steps and we will care about your outfit!
We are used to create absolutely regulated dance costumes that respect the Federal rules, both for ladies and men.
The excellent quality of the fabrics and the originality of the models will help you to make the difference on the dance floor, enhance your shapes (also if a little bit curvy!) and make you feel like a champion!

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Leotard and skirt

Code: IMG165958

Fuchsia dress

Code: IMG122453

Leotard and skirt

Code: IMG153359

Fuchsia dress

Code: IMG20181215

Turquoise dress

Code: IMG103934

Girl fuchsia dress

Code: IMG115105

Mary dress

Code: IMG160731

Melissa leotard

Code: IMG115139

Fuchsia dress

Code: IMG114435

Coral dress

Code: IMG163618

Black dress

Code: IMG164417

Orange dress

Code: IMG165421

Yellow On Off dress

Code: IMG102225

Black On Off dress

Code: IMG124639

Blue dress

Code: IMG165855

Giuly dress

Code: IMG183924